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What Is A Roof Restoration?

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Step 1:
High Pressure Clean

Your roof is professionally cleaned using high pressured water to strip away dirt, moss, lichen, and old paint, leaving it pristine.

Step 2:
Roof Repair

Your roof is fully repaired, including all broken tiles, roof fixtures, tile bedding, and tile pointing. This comprehensive repair process will leave your roof in brand new condition.

Step 3:
Seal and Paint

Following its repair your roof is sealed against moisture, before being repainted in the shade of your choice. The end result is your roof and home looking better than ever.

Your Roof Restoration With Newcastle Roofing Professionals

Here at Newcastle Roofing Professionals we pride ourselves on providing the absolute best in roofing services. Here are just some of the many benefits we've worked hard to be able to provide to you:

  • Exceptional Service Range: We provide free onsite assessments and roof restoration services over a vast area centered on Newcastle NSW. We cover the entirety of the Hunter region, Lake Macquarie, the Central Coast, and even Port Stephens. Due to our multiple teams in the field every day we are able to provide especially prompt assessments in urban centers such as Newcastle, Wyong, Gosford, and Maitland.

  • The Right Solution For You: We provide a wide range of roof restoration, roof cleaning, and roof sealing products. Choose from a huge range of colours and shades, sealant options for older tiles, rust conversion treatments for older metal roofs, and even clear water repellent treatments to keep your Swiss and French terracotta tiles looking better than new.

  • Always Able To Help: Our full range of roofing services can be provided for all standard roof surfaces, including terracotta tiles, cement tiles, Colorbond steel, tin, iron, and more!

  • Nothing We Can't Do: We do a lot more than just repair roofs; Newcastle Roofing Professionals provide a complete range of services including roof restoration, roof replacement, roof leak detection and repair, gutter installation and gutter repair. We even install roof fixtures and add-ons, including gutter protection systems (also called gutter guard) and roof ventilators.

  • Expertise You Can Rely On: Our friendly and helpful team of roof assessors provide zero charge and zero obligation inspections and assessments for your peace of mind. If something about your roof or guttering just doesn't seem right and you aren't sure if you should be concerned, or if you're interested in maintaining or upgrading your roof and aren't sure of the most appropriate and cost effective course of action we're here to help. With a free roof assessment by one of our professional team, and access to industry leading advice you can be confident in making the right choice for your roof and your home.


Roof restoration by Newcastle Roofing Professionals

Cement Tile Roof Restoration

Terracotta Tile Roof Restoration

High Pressure Roof Cleaning

Hydropel Roof Tile Treatment

Colorbond Roof Restoration

Roof Painting & Resealing

The Roof Restoration Process

(from beginning to end)

  • Assessment and Quote

    Absolutely free, zero obligations

    Our assessor will visit you at your home to perform a detailed inspection of your roof. During this visit our assessor will disscuss repair and maintenance options, while making their industry veteran experience available to you. Any work required can be quoted at this time, and the entire consultaton and quotation process carries no boligations or commitments on your part - we're here to help!

  • High Pressure Roof Clean

    Strip away dirt, lichen, and mould

    Before work commences on your roof it will be thoroughly cleaned with high pressure spraying equipment to remove and rinse away built up dirt, growth of mould or lichen, and any accumulated detritus. The end result is not just a pristine roof - it is also ready for replaced or repaired tiles to be bonded securely, as well as for sealant and roof paint to form the strongest bond possible.

  • Comprehensive Roof Repair

    If its broken, we fix it!

    Every square inch of your roof will be systematically repaired; broken or chipped tiles, damaged or rusted roof valleys, and any roof fixtures that may compromise the protection it provides against rain and weather will be replaced by our skilled team of roofing tradespeople.

  • Seal and Paint

    Protect your investment, and upgrade the look of your home!

    Having been cleaned and fully repaired your roof is now in fantastic condition and ready to be made beautiful again. Resealing will protect your roof cavity against water incursion by closing any points of entry in the surface of your roof. Once your roof has been fully sealed it will be painted in the shade of your choice, leaving it completely watertight, consistently and beautifully coloured, freshly warrantied, and in better condition than when it was brand new!

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Frequently Asked Questions

You might be wondering...

Are you able to restore any kind of roof?

Almost! Newcastle Roofing Professionals are able to restore absolutely all common roofing surfaces. This includes all terracotta and concrete roof tiles from diverse manufacturers, as well as all metal roof profiles, whether they are Colorbond, zincalume, or any other metal.

Some extremely rare roof surfaces, such as decromastic tiles or antique shingles may present complications for the roof restoration process due to their age or availability - if you have any doubts at all simply contact our team directly on 02 4081 4646, and a free consultation can be arranged to answer all of your questions.

How long does a roof restoration take?

As it is typically necessary for a roof to dry after being cleaned before it can be repaired, and for individual coats of sealant and paint to dry between applications, a roof restoration typically takes 2 - 3 days. This is highly dependent on the weather, as roofs cannot be painted in rain or high wind. Accordingly, our dedicated customer service team will keep you informed through every step of the process - our assessor will visit you at the time you appoint, and tradespeople will never arrive at your home without notice the prior day, while our customer service team are available Monday - Saturday to help you with any questions you might have.

How long does a roof restoration last?

The rate at which a roof ages depends on many factors. Exposure to sun and salt spray from the ocean, as well as collecting leaves and branches falling from overhanging trees will contribute to aging the surface faster than would otherwise occur, but the expected lifespan of a roof that has been freshly restored by Newcastle Roofing Professionals is quite a long time.

Accordingly, we're extremely proud to offer our roof restoration warranty - any repair work carried out on your roof bears a comprehensive trade warranty covering against any and all defects in material or workmanship, while the resealed and painted surface is protected by a fifteen year warranty.

(yes, fifteen years!)

What if I want to have other work done on my roof as well?

That's not a problem at all! Many people choose to use this moment to replace gutters, or to install leaf screener, roof ventilators, or other fixtures. Scheduling this work to occur along with your roof restoration means that the steps can be scheduled together for the best results.

For example, if your gutters are to be replaced they will be detached following your roofs high pressure clean and replaced during the repair step, so that your new gutters do not collect the dirt and detritus cleaned from the roof, but are attached in time to be painted to match your newly surfaced roof.

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